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Adventure awaits in Colorado

Pikr helps people discover activities and excitement in Colorado. Whether you are looking for beer and outdoor adventures or arts and entertainment, Pikr Knows what is fun to do.

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The Team

Jordan Majd

< Cannon Fodder >

"If I"m coding in C I"m probably drunk."

Kevin Winn

< Meat Shield >

Proudest Moment: at age 19 won a Dolph Lundgren look a like contest.

Wojciech Magda

< Dispensible Soldier >

Engineer by day. In the evenings an aspiring entrepreneur/leader/coder and occasional salsa dancer.

David Crook

< Special Operations >

Quitter. Photographer. Full-stack developer. No-stack developer. Technology necromancer. Jester.

Rich Kopcho

< Intelligence >

Rich Kopcho brings expertise is Business Development, Marketing and Sales. He is CMO of his 10th startup bringing Hookify.io to market.